The Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association is a membership organization focused on advancing the interests of rural telecommunications companies and the members they serve.

There are currently eleven regular members and ninety-nine associate members.  See our Members page to view these members.  The WSTCA holds conferences bi-annually to meet with our members and associate members and keep everyone current on industry practices, regulations, and other news.  If your organization is interested in becoming a member or associate member of the WSTCA, please see our Membership page.

The WSTCA is governed by a set of Bylaws which were created by the charter members.  There is also a Board of Directors to oversee the direction and decisions of the organization.  View Bylaws.


The Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association was created to join the Wisconsin Telephone Cooperatives in an effort to preserve the Cooperatives, work together on behalf of members to share, and provide special representation towards the needs of cooperatives in the telephone industry.

The first Statewide meeting of the Telephone Cooperatives in Wisconsin was held on January 19, 1961 at the Dairyland Cooperative Building in LaCrosse, WI. Representatives from West Wisconsin Telephone Cooperative located in Downsville, Vernon Telephone Cooperative located in Westby, Chibardun Telephone Cooperative located in Dallas, Chequemegon Telephone Cooperative located in Cable, and LaValle Telephone Cooperative located in LaValle were present. Mr. Jacob Maciosek of Cable was appointed as Chairman and Mr. Andrew Omtvedt was elected to act as Secretary.

On April 18, 1962, the Association met again. In addition to the original Cooperatives listed above, Citizens Telephone Cooperative located in New Auburn, Nelson Telephone Cooperative located in Durand, Marquette Adams Telephone Cooperative located in Oxford, Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative located in Blue River, and Tri-County Telephone Cooperative located in Strum were all represented. Several topics were brought up creating a day of discussion. It was decided to try to have at least one such meeting each year at a central meeting point.

Each Cooperative paid $2.00 help cover the expenses of the meeting place. They collected $18.00 and paid $20.00 for the meeting place.

In December 1964, the Organization and By-Laws Committee met to examine and agree upon a recommendable set of Articles and By-Laws for use in Incorporation of the Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association. As Article II states “The object and purpose of the Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association is to encourage, develop, foster, and stimulate the growth and protect the mutual interest of telephone companies of the State of Wisconsin; to promote uniformity and efficiency in the accounting, operating, maintenance, construction, insurance, and public safety practices therein; to affiliate with any National Group whose purposes are similar to the foregoing; to advise and inform said members of State and Federal Regulatory Bodies’ rules, regulations, and requirements; represent the interest of its members before regulatory, legislative, and other governmental bodies and to promote good public relations.”

The state of Wisconsin recognizes March 2, 1965 as the registered date of the Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association being Incorporated. The By-Laws were adopted on January 24, 1966. The first Executive Board Meeting was held on July 14, 1966 and the first Manager’s Meeting was held on July 28, 1966.

The first Fall Meeting was held on October 5 & 6, 1966 with thirty four Directors and Managers as well as twenty two guests and associates were present.

In 1970, Cochrane Telephone Cooperative joined the membership making all 11 Telephone Cooperatives members. At the Annual Meeting in 1970, the motion passed that the directors nominated by each Cooperative be elected to the Board of Directors of the State Association.

In 1985, membership was opened to allow Telephone Companies that were not Cooperatives to join the Association as Associate Members.

Past Presidents of the Association have been:  Jacob Maciosek of Chequamegon Telephone Cooperative from 1961 – 1969; William Amundson of from 1969 – 1973; Mike Weber from 1973 – 1985; Lorraine Orrick from 1985 – 1991; Paul Regorrah from 1991 – 1993; James Johnson from 1993 – 1997; Jim Brunner from 1997 – 1999; Garry Hageness from 1999 – 2001; Richard Sheahan from 2001 – 2003; William McTier from 2003 – 2005; John Rosenow from 2005 – 2007; Norm Jambois from 2007 – 2009; Suzanne Perry from 2009 – 2011; Larry Jewell, from 2011–2013; Rick Berg from 2013 – 2015; Tim Follis from 2015 – 2017; Aaron Kidd from 2017 to 2019; Brad Gabrielson from 2019 to present.